DOE accepting public comment on draft Funding Opportunity Announcement for Offshore Wind Demonstrations

February 10, 2012

One year ago, DOE, in partnership with the Department of Interior (DOI), released the National Offshore Wind Strategy. The Strategy addresses two critical objectives: reduce the cost of energy through technology development to ensure competitiveness with other electrical generation sources; and reduce the deployment timelines and uncertainties limiting U.S. offshore wind project development.

To realize these objectives, the DOE Wind and Water Power Program has developed a comprehensive approach and investment strategy to mobilize the offshore wind industry in the categories below:

  • Technology Research and Development that will reduce cost of offshore wind energy through innovation and testing (19 offshore wind technology development projects to receive $26.5 million, announced September 2011);
  • Research Addressing Market Barriers in order to facilitate deployment and reduce technical challenges facing the entire industry (22 market barrier removal projects to receive $16.5 million, announced September 2011);
  • Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects that further the industry knowledge base for the benefit of all stakeholders (draft Funding Opportunity Announcement now available for public comment).

These initiatives support the demonstration and development of advanced offshore wind energy technologies in various water depths (freshwater, deepwater, shallow water, and transitional depth installations) and geographic locations (Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes, and Gulf of Mexico).

During the pre-solicitation public meeting held on February 7, 2012, DOE provided information on and accepted comments regarding the planned Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), DE-FOA-0000410 including specifically the topical areas identified here:

  • Types of demonstrations;
  • Proposed timeframe and funding considerations;
  • Proposed scope of efforts potentially covered by DOE funding;
  • Anticipated types of data collection and use;
  • Technology innovation and the ability to scale project solutions in order to achieve cost competitiveness.

The public meeting included an introductory session that provided contextual background to the proposed FOA, including the National Offshore Wind Strategy, followed by an open question and answer forum. A video recording, complete transcript of the public meeting proceedings, and a list of participants are now available on the program's website. In addition, DOE will continue to accept public comment on the draft Funding Opportunity Announcement until February 14, 2012 at 11:59pm. The public is encouraged to review the draft FOA as well as the public meeting materials and submit comments through one of the options listed below:

  • Email: Include "U.S. Offshore Wind: Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects" in the subject line of the message.
  • Postal mail: Michael Hahn, Wind and Water Power Program, 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden, CO 80401. Please submit one signed paper original. Due to the potential delays in DOE's receipt and processing of mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service, DOE encourages respondents to submit comments electronically to ensure timely receipt.
  • Hand Delivery/Courier: Michael Hahn, Wind and Water Power Program, 1617 Cole Boulevard, Golden, CO 80401.