Bigger Blades, Offshore Turbines

July 19, 2012

Located near the Port Authority in Boston Harbor, the Wind Technology Testing Center is the first commercial large-blade test facility in the nation and allows for testing of blades longer than 270 feet.

With close proximity to substantial offshore wind resources and a 1200-foot dock for transporting blades, the center’s location also provides easy access to test larger wind turbine blades for offshore applications. More research and development into longer blades will help drive the creation of large-scale offshore wind power facilities.

The Boston facility, which opened in May 2011, builds off the Department’s National Wind Technology Center in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1993, this test facility has helped both private industry and public researchers and academics drive new wind technology development, from more efficient blades up to 160 feet in length to stronger, more durable drivetrains.