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Breakout Track 4 - Sustainability and the Environment

Technical breakout tracks offered Biomass 2010 participants the opportunity to attend sessions focused on specific topic areas and engage in dialogue in a smaller group setting. There were four breakout tracks, each with three distinct sessions.

This technical track examined the role of sustainability, including issues of climate change, policy, and environmental impacts, as it relates to the development of biomass technologies.

Presentation slides, if available, are provided in PDF format. Download Adobe Reader.

Sustainability and the Environment I

A look at the effect of Federal climate change legislation on the bioenergy sector.


Liz Marshall, Resource Economist, Biofuels Production and Policy Project, World Resources Institute


Sustainability and the Environment II

The Role of Biomass in State and Regional Renewable Energy and Climate Initiatives – A discussion of the environmental implications of increasing the use of biomass-derived energy to meet both production goals and what can be done to mitigate any negative impacts.


Suzanne Hunt, President, HuntGreen LLC


Sustainability and the Environment III

Environmental Implications of Achieving a High-Yield Feedstock Scenario – A look at the potential environmental implications of reaching feedstock yields that are mandated in existing policies and necessary to support a growing bio-economy and the sustainability issues surrounding it.


Dr. Alison Goss Eng, Manager, Sustainable Bioenergy Production, Bioenergy Technologies Office, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy


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